Help with Downloads

All PDF documents can be read with a copy of Adobe Acrobat 4. Some browsers will allow you to view PDF's so clicking on the link will open the file rather than download it. To save the file rather than open it Menuclick (Right mouse button on a PC, Hold down mouse button on a Mac) on the link and choose 'Save target as' or Save link as'.

All the PDF's are in A4 format for direct printing onto paper. If your printing it out to make a transparency then make sure the printer is set to black and white (If it is a colour one) and at the highest resolution. Also check the print dialogue box to ensure that it is not set to 'Fit to page' otherwise it may print out at the wrong size. If in doubt then print one out on plain paper and measure it to see if it is the size it should be. At the top of each page is a 10cm long ruler marked with millimeters so you can measure it to check the page has printed at the correct size.

Image files:

Images for downloading are generally available in two types, Tiff and Gif. Use the same method as described above for downloading them by menuclicking on the appropriate link.

Gif files do not store any information in them about the physical dimensions of the image (ie its width and height in cm or inches) To print it out at the correct size to produce a transparency you will need a graphics programme that can scale it to an appropriate size. Tiff files do preserve the physical dimensions of the image so these are easier to print out. All the images are saved at a resolution of 300DPI and included in the image is either text describing the dimensions of the board or a cm scale marking for you to measure when it prints out.

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